I had seen a beautiful photo of a twin falls on the river taken by Thomas Wyche and really wanted to find that section of the river. It's also mentioned in Jim Bob Tinsley's book and it turns out it's not too far below Toxaway Falls. It's a beautiful setting - the falls are only 10-15' high, but have a lot of character. When we were there, half the setting was in the sun, making for a tough photo. Here are 3 shots from the falls. Notice in the last how the water is coming out from under a thin layer of rock. If you've come down to the base of Toxaway Falls, it's a short distance down river to the top of the falls. You'll need to be on the west side of the river.


The next 2 photos are from farther the river. The going was fairly easy along the bedrock and we stayed mostly on the west side, sometimes wading in the shallower sections of the river.

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