There's an area on the topo map labeled 'The Narrows' and we knew we had to be getting near it. From up river of this next shot, all we could see was what looked like a major drop off ahead and we thought that this was it. Nope, but it was a steeper area with some beautifully colored rock. The second photo is a close up of the center of the 1st shot.


From there, the landscape and river curved to the southeast and ahead was yet another drop off. Once we got to the edge, we could see that this was indeed The Narrows (2nd photo below). The river again narrowed to a chute of rushing water 50 to 100 yards long. I didn't actually measure it, but it's a good guess. The topo shows 400' almost straight up on one side and just really steep on the other. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to stay at river level at this point and the only other way was up and around and back down. We were very lucky to find that we could semi-safely pass at river level on the left side.

After 7 hours, we are finally nearing the top of Wintergreen Falls. Little did we know that the best sites were yet to come.

There's a series of nice falls above Wintergreen Falls shown in the shots on the next page - click here to see them!

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