Looking at the map, you can see the river makes a 90 degree turn from south to east in a series of drops that ends with Wintergreen Falls. These are the falls in that turn - there's also a shot looking down to show how steeply the landscape descends - just one 'WOW! after another.

We were on the wrong side of the river to get a good shot from the top of Wintergreen, but Bill Thomas has one in the guide. There was no safe way to scramble down the bedrock 80' to the base, so we had to bushwhack up, around and down. By the time we got to the opposite side of the large pool at the base of the falls, the sun was directly above the falls and the water was a big glare. I didn't even bother taking a photo, so the next one is from our 1st trip to Wintergreen. The last is a small falls down river a bit in a nice secluded setting.

lower Wintergreen Falls

For about 1/2 mile, the only trails from Wintergreen are some very faint fisherman trails. We tried to stay as close to the river as we could until we finally picked up the trail back to Augerhole Rd about 1.5 miles away. From there it's about 3.5 miles up hill to the Frozen Creek parking area. Past Augerhole Rd, the Toxaway River makes a wicked 'S' turn in an area known as the Auger Hole.

Click here to see some of this remote area including Chub Line Falls and Step Around Falls.

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