On a different trip into the area (1999 before the parking lot was built), Harry and I parked at the Frozen Creek access and headed down Auger Hole Rd to the river. Our plan was to follow the river south through the 'S' bend as far as we could, knowing there were waterfalls in there somewhere. There are no trails along the river and this was our first official bushwhack attempt. I will make a long story short by saying that we weren't really prepared to crawl under and climb over fallen trees, wade in the river, climb and descend steep ridges, have our packs get caught on branches, get our legs scratched up, avoid snakes, and fight off Big Foot. We made it as far as Chub Line Falls before we decided to climb back up to Auger Hole Rd.

In 2003 I made another trip to Chub Line Falls. This time Jay and I hiked about 3 miles down Auger Hole Rd to a point where we could barely see the falls. We bushwhacked down the very steep bank and made our way to the top of the falls where we had a great view of the small gorge below.

Jay at the top of the falls

The waterfall is maybe 30-40' high, but the river narrows at the top of the falls and the water gushes over the falls. It was getting close to mid morning by this time and we wanted to get to the bottom before the sun hit the falls. Our only option was to head up the bank, work our way along the ridge, then head back down. We made it with a few minutes to spare for this view of the falls. This is a very difficult descent and should only be attempted by experienced off trail hikers!

We explored farther down the river to Step Around Falls on another trip - click here to see. This is the last Toxaway page!

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