This visit to the river was in 2001 and Hal decided to join Harry and I in an attempt to find Step Around Falls. We parked in the Frozen Creek lot and again hiked down Auger Hole Rd. This time though, we took a side road/trail to the SE that will took us to another part of the river below Chub Line Falls. The old road is past where you leave Auger Hole Rd to get down to Auger Fork Falls which makes it about 2.6 miles from the parking area. According to Kevin's book, the road is now very overgrown so it might be hard to follow in places. The next shot is what we saw looking up river once we made it down.

The best way to continue to the top of Step Around Falls was by walking in the river. The waterfall is about 0.5 miles away from this point. The river isn't that deep on average but can be very swift in places and has plenty of waist deep pools to accidentally slip into. In other words, don't do this trek during high water levels! Next is a shot of Hal and Harry making their way down river.

We came across this next nice little falls about half way to Step Around Falls. Be on the right side of the river before you get to the top of the falls, then cross the river below the falls and finish the trek on the left side. It's only about a 5' drop, but is in a wider part of the river. The photo below is Hal crossing on the way back out.

Just before Step Around Falls, the river splits and forms a small island. The side shoot makes a 'U' around the island before rejoining the river just above the falls. This next shot is looking down at the falls from the rocks above.

The river narrows at this point and gushes over the 10-15' drop. Bill Thomas has a real good shot of this falls from a little farther down the rocks if you have the guide, page 15. Getting past this point will require either swimming or stepping around (get it?? - Step Around Falls) a ledge 20-30' above the river. We guessed that it could be done about 95 times out of 100 without falling on the rocks below, but decided against it. Remember, if you get hurt in here, it will be hours and hours before helps gets there. The next shot looks down river from the falls. The river makes a bend to the right and the topo map shows rock walls past this point almost all the way to Lake Jocassee, about a mile away. The Thomas guide says it's possible to rock hop the river all the way down if the river level is way down. Maybe some day...


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