Triple Falls - DuPont State Forest
Triple Falls

Triple Falls is accessed from the Hooker Falls parking. I like this waterfall the best of the DuPont State Forest falls - I think it has more character than the others. The hike to the trail view above is less than 1/2 mile and easy to moderate - the elevation change might make those who don't get out much huff and puff for a few minutes. The trail is a gravel road. Triple Falls is kid friendly, but if you go out to the top of the lower section you need to watch them at all times.

From the south side of the Hooker Falls parking lot, take the new foot bridge across the Little River and follow the trail under the road. Connect with the Triple Falls Trail that heads up river. Just before the trail begins heading uphill, you'll notice some side paths that lead out to the river. Fisherman use these, but anyone can go out on the rocks for a look. Look up the right side and see if you think it's safe to rock hop up to the base of the lower section of the falls. If you've done this type of thing before you probably won't have a problem in normal to low river flow. These rocks are especially slippery when wet, so use extra caution. Do not attempt to climb up the rocks to get to the next level! This type of stupidity is strictly prohibited and you are subject to arrest. The fellow in the next photo got there the official way - by the stairs that lead down from the upper viewing area. You are also not allowed to go up the steep goat path leading straight up to the upper viewing area.

Triple Falls - lower section

To get to the upper viewing area from here you have to backtrack to the main trail and head up from there. Not too far past the railing are the steps that lead down to the top of the lower section of the falls. This used to be a straight down trail, and the stairs are a welcome addition. This area is fairly flat and kid friendly if you watch them at all times and they pay attention when you say 'don't go over there!' Stay away from the edge, don't try to climb up or down, and be careful on the wet areas. The spray can wet areas you may want to take a picture from. Swimming is not allowed up here - duh - but people do it anyway. People have died falling from this area.

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