Twin Falls

If you haven't been to Twin Falls, put it near the top of your must see falls - it's a beauty. The waterfall is also known as Reedy Cove Falls and Eastatoe Falls (not to be confused with the Eastatoe Falls off of Hwy 178 in NC). Reedy Cove Creek splits at the top of the falls sending part of it's waters over a tall granite wall and the rest cascading over rock and boulders before joining again below.

To get to the falls from NC, take Hwy 178 off of Hwy 64 west of Brevard near Rosman. It's a clearly marked left hand turn. A short distance after turning on to Hwy 178, take a right to keep following 178 to the NC/SC state line. From the state line, drive 7.2 miles down the curvy 178 and take a right on Cleo Chapman Rd (SC 100) just after Bob's Place Tavern. You can't miss this place - it's a biker bar with a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign and a home-made 'Road Kill Grill' sign at the outdoor seating area. The new trail is about 1/2 mile down on the right. To continue to the old parking area, drive 1.9 miles from 178 and take a right on Eastatoe Community Road. Drive another 0.9 miles and turn right on the 1 lane gravel Water Falls Rd. Follow this road a mile or so past the private property until it ends at a gate at the parking area. The trail is an easy 10-15 minute walk and passes a small swimming hole at the bottom of a slide and cascades below the falls. The trail ends at an observation deck where the above shot was taken.

On a dry day you can safely climb over the rail at the base of the ramp and head out on the rock area around the falls. Any wet rock from the seepage areas will be very slippery! Books say the drop on the left is 75' - here's a shot of 2 guys at the top of the falls so you can judge for yourself.

People do climb up the very steep bank on the left side of the falls to get to the top of the waterfall. This is very risky and people have died falling from this area. If you must see the top of the waterfall, please backtrack to the new parking area and trail on Cleo Chapman Rd. I haven't had a chance to check this trail out yet, but it comes out at the top of the waterfall on the right side, then continues up the creek. You'll have to cross the creek away from the top of the waterfall up near the old train rails and may have to get your feet wet. Once across you'll see where you can safely get out on the rock above the waterfall. Again, people have fallen from here and died! But if you use common sense, aren't afraid of heights, and don't have a tendency to trip over your own feet, you should be OK. No kids up here, please!

top of Twin Falls

If you do take the trail to the top of the falls, you will find an old trail that continues up the creek. This would be a good adventure for a warmer day, as the trail crosses the creek several times following the old railroad grade. There are several nice cascades along the trail and it goes up for maybe 1.5 to 2 miles before getting to a camp on private property. Here are 3 shots from along Reedy Cove Creek.


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