Twin Falls

2-3-19  If you haven't been to the 75' high Twin Falls, put it near the top of your must see falls - it's a beauty. It's also one of the easiest waterfalls to access in South Carolina. The trail to the viewing platform is about 1/4 mile along a relatively flat path. The waterfall is also known as Reedy Cove Falls and Eastatoe Falls (not to be confused with the Eastatoe Falls off of NC178 in Rosman, NC), so beware of that if you are looking for more info on the falls. Reedy Cove Creek splits at the top of the falls sending part of it's waters over a tall granite wall and the rest cascading over rock and boulders before joining again below. In times of higher water, a 3rd section of waterfall also spills over the cliff. There's also a more recently constructed trail that leads 1.2 miles to the top of the waterfall that I discuss below.

Directions: From the intersection of SC11 and US178 north of Pickens, drive 2.5 miles north on 178 and bear left on to Cleo Chapman Hwy. If you are coming from the Rosman area in NC, take US178 south to the NC/SC state line and reset your odometer. Then continue 7.2 miles down the curvy 178 and take a right on Cleo Chapman Hwy just after where Bob's Place Tavern used to be. It burned down a couple of years ago. The turn is a very sharp right, and the road is marked. At 0.5 miles down Cleo Chapman, look for a red gate on the right with enough room for 2-3 vehicles to park. This is the beginning of the 1.2 mile trail to the top of the falls. To get to the parking area for the trail to the viewing platform at the base of Twin Falls, continue another 1.4 miles from this spot and take a right on Eastatoe Community Road. Drive another 0.9 miles and turn right on the 1 lane gravel Water Falls Rd. Follow this road a mile or so past the private property until it ends at a gate at the parking area. The trail is an easy 10-15 minute walk and passes a small swimming hole at the bottom of a slide and cascades below the falls. The trail ends at an observation deck where the above shot was taken.

On a dry day you can safely climb over the rail at the base of the ramp and head out on the rock area around the falls. Any wet rock from the seepage areas will be very slippery! Do not attempt to climb up the very steep bank on the left side of the falls to get to the top of the falls. Use the other trail. The picture below shows a person at the top of the waterfall, but people have fallen from here and died. Use common sense if you do go to the top!

top of Twin Falls

The trail to the top of the waterfalls is a nice hike and definitely worth your time. The trail is 1.2 miles (one way) and is moderate in difficulty. There's a very nice smaller waterfall and cascade above Twin Falls that is easy to access once you are up top, and others that require a little more effort. As I mentioned above, once you turn on to Cleo Chapman Hwy from 178, drive 0.5 miles and park at the red gate on the right. There's a small green sign on a tree indicating that this is the Twin Falls Trail. Hike the trail (old road) for less than 0.1 miles to a 'T' intersection and turn left. In a very short distance (0.14 miles into the hike), come to some fallen pine trees and look to the right for a blue blaze on a tree and a foot trail leading past some old wooden posts. There isn't any sign here indicating that this is the trail, but it is.

upper Twin Falls trail - Pickens County, SC
begin the hike at this gate

upper Twin Falls trail - Pickens County, SC
bear right at this blue blaze

Once past the posts, the trail becomes a foot path meandering though the forest. The blue blazes are few and far between. At 0.4 miles into the hike, come to a fork in the trail and bear left. You may begin to hear Reedy Cove Creek on your left a short distance after the fork. At 0.6 miles into the hike, a side trail heads down to the left towards the creek, but you will stay to the right. At 0.75 miles into the hike, come to another fork. There's a small carsonite stake here indicating that the trail to the waterfall goes left. One mile into the hike brings you to a view of the upper section of Twin Falls from the side shown below.

Twin Falls - Pickens County, SC

This view might be obscured when the leaves are out. Pay attention here as the drop off is very steep! Continue a very short distance and arrive at Reedy Cove Creek above the waterfall. You'll begin to see old railroad track rails left over from when this area was logged years ago. You are close to the top of the waterfall in this area, but there's no danger unless you wade out into the creek and intentionally head towards the edge. Pick up the trail along the rock wall and head up creek a very short distance to an interesting narrow cascade. Just beyond that is a decent sized sliding waterfall that makes a nice photo subject. It should be an awesome sight when those rhododendron are blooming.

cascade on Reedy Cove Creek
cascade on Reedy Cove Creek

waterfall on Reedy Cove Creek
waterfall on Reedy Cove Creek

If you are adventurous, you can continue farther up creek to see more cascades and small waterfalls. We didn't do this on our most recent hike, so I'm not sure what the trail is like beyond this point. When a group of us did it back in 2007, we had to cross the creek a couple of times to continue up to the last waterfall. From the last waterfall in the above photo, you'll be able to see where folks have continued up the right side on a skinny trail and/or by climbing down on the rock. Below are 3 photos of what we saw on that trip many years ago.


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