Twin Falls on the Thompson River
Twin Falls - Thompson River

4-29-12  Twin Falls is another beautiful waterfall off of NC281 south that is right next to the road, but on private property. When I first visited this waterfall in 2002, the land was private but there were no signs of development and it wasn't posted. Some time after that, either the land was sold or the owner decided to subdivide and sell lots. One of the lots next to the waterfall was sold and a large home has since been built. The last time I was here in 2012. Some of the lots on the opposite side of the waterfall looked like they had been sold, but I don't think any homes have been built yet. The road that passes by the top of the falls is public, but please respect the private property if the old trails down to the waterfall are posted.

Directions:  From the intersection of US64 and NC281 south in the Lake Toxaway area, turn south on 281 and drive 5 miles to Whitewater Church Rd. Turn right here and in a short distance, the road bears right at a church and is now Upper Whitewater Rd. Drive about 1.6 miles from here to the bridge that crosses the Thompson River and you can look down towards the top of the waterfall.

Twin Falls - Thompson River

Down river from Twin Falls are 2 more waterfalls that are on public land in the Pisgah National Forest. The only time I have been to these falls was in 2002 when we bushwhacked down river from Twin Falls. Now the only way to get to them without crossing private property is to head up river from NC281 south. The road crosses the river about 1/4 mile past White Owl Falls. The first falls you come to is Bestos Falls about 1/4 mile up. It's not much and is now probably covered in rhododendron.

Bestos Falls
Bestos Falls

The next waterfall is Joe Pack Falls. It's a little nicer and about 20' high. There is no trail up to these falls, so plan on a part bushwhack, part river wade.

Joe Pack Falls


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