11/13/04 - Upper Piney Falls is a must see in my opinion. Little Piney Creek plunges 80' into another amphitheater type setting. The creek was gushing over the falls on the day Dana and I were there and it was really an awesome sight. Unfortunately, there's no trail to the base of Lower Piney Falls. It's a beautiful falls also.

Directions: From Knoxville, take I-40 west and exit on to Hwy 27 south - I think it's exit 347. Drive south on Hwy 27 for 20-25 miles and look for Hwy 68 west in Spring City. We were coming from Ozone Falls, so we took Hwy 70 back east to Hwy 27 and took a right. After turning right on Hwy 68, drive 5 miles to Grandview and turn left at the sign for Piney Creek Natural Area. I think it's Fire Tower Road. Drive 1.5 miles to the obvious parking area on the right.

The trail starts down an old road and passes an information board. Continue about another 1/4 mile - the road ends at a sign pointing to the left or right. Turn to the right and hike a short distance for a view at the top of the falls. There's no way to the base from here, except jumping - and I don't really recommend that. If you turn left at the sign, hike less than 1/4 mile and look for a split in the trail. Keep to the right and follow the creek upstream to the waterfall. If you look really close at the photo above, you'll see 3 guys sitting a crevice to the right of the falls about 1/2 way up - that's where the trail comes out. The softer rock behind the falls has eroded away and the trail continues behind the falls and around to the other side of the amphitheater.

There is a trail that goes to the top of Lower Piney Falls. Instead of following the right trail at the previously mentioned split, head to the left and down. This trail is steep and really doesn't come out at a good view, so I don't really recommend going down there. Like I mentioned before, there isn't a trail to the base, but Dana took me to a place way down below the falls and we followed the creek back up to the falls. There's been mention of the state eventually putting in a trail. The lower falls is gorgeous also. It's about a 40' drop in a smaller bowl shaped area. The mist coming off the falls was fairly heavy, so I took most of the shots from down creek a bit. Here's one with Dana -

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