last update 1-8-11 - I've been experimenting with video clips on the site for several years now to help give you a better feel of what it's like at some of these gorgeous falls. To me - pictures are nice, video is better, but it still ain't like being there. I had been shooting with a Digital 8 camcorder early on, but upgraded to a Sony HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder in early 2008. Then in late 2010, I upgraded my still camera to the Sony SLT a55 - a DSLR that shoots HD video also. I was hosting all of the videos from my server, but found it easier to upload the newer ones to an online video services. Most of my newer videos are on Vimeo right now, but that could change. Click here to see my Vimeo videos. The page will open in a new window so you can get back here easier. The video in the player is the one ready to play - click play. Click the thumbnails for other videos and click description for a short description of the video. If your connection is slow, you can click the pause button and let the video buffer for a minute or 2 before resuming play. Watch the bar at the bottom of the video go to the right. Taking your cursor off of the player after the video begins will hide the buttons. If your connection is slow, you can also speed it up a bit by clicking the 'HD' to off on the HD ones. I have also been posting most of these same videos on YouTube if you prefer to view them there. Plus, I have some newer ones here that aren't waterfall related. Be sure to increase the resolution for better quality. You can view my YouTube channel here.




This next group of videos are from my older Digital 8 camcorder and are in .wmv format and are not on Vimeo. Click the Windows Media link under each description. The whole video will download before it begins playing, so those with slower connections will be twiddling their thumbs for a while on some of the longer vids. The time is the length of each clip.

Wilson Creek, SC - a very unique area in Bee Cove, SC. A large chunk of rock split off a larger chunk forming a false cave at a small waterfall. I've tried to give you a tour.  ~ 4 minutes 10 seconds

Windows Media - 15.4 MB


Aerial 1 - some footage shot in 2006 while flying over parts of western NC. Includes taking off from the Frankin airport, Whiteside Mountain, an unknown waterfall in that area, upper and lower Whitewater Falls and Lake Jocassee  ~ 4 minutes 53 seconds

Windows Media - 16.4 MB


 Aerial 2 - The flight continued over the Horsepasture and Toxaway Rivers, then on to DuPont State Forest, then Lake Lure  ~ 4 minutes 55 seconds

Windows Media - 17.4 MB


Courthouse Falls with a little snow - 29 seconds - January 2008

Windows Media - 1.7 MB


waterfall #1 on Thompson River  - 83 seconds - Before we got to waterfall #1 on the Thompson River, we cooled off in a small cascade. The camcorder is on a tripod - that's me coming into the picture 1st, then Harry and Cathy. These rocks weren't as slippery as most that have water rumming over them.

Windows Media - 5.22 MB


waterfall #1 on Thompson River  - 3 minutes 7 seconds - the first part of the clip is Harry finding the ring that I mentioned, then Cathy coming into the scene. I then set up the tripod and got Harry and me swimming  in the crevice below the falls. We couldn't touch bottom, but could straddle the ledge on each side.

Windows Media - 11.6 MB


upper Whitewater River gorge - 2 minutes

Windows Media - 7.8 MB


upper Whitewater River gorge - 4 min. 34 sec. - From where the last video was shot, we couldn't see the other end of the gorge but knew it ended as the 25' drop known as Exit Falls. On our 2nd exploration of the area we found a way down to the top of Exit Falls - only accessible in low water - and the other end of the gorge. The only way up gorge is by swimming. The initial plunge is a very deep pothole (with at least 3 feet of rock between the pool and the edge of the falls), then a shallow bedrock area, then a bigger pool before a bend in the gorge to the right. We evaluated the risk and I decided to hop in and had Harry hand me the camcorder...

Windows Media - 17.0 MB


Exit Falls - 3 min. 44 sec. - Talk about right place, right time - we made it to the base of Exit Falls and a few minutes later 4 guys and 2 gals show up at the top of the falls (where the above video was shot) with helmets and vests. They had just floated the gorge! I had no idea what their next move would be, so I started recording. Unfortunately, I was near the end of the tape so I didn't get the 1st guy doing the plunge. I got the tape changed, then scrambled up on the rock for a better view...

Windows Media - 14.0 MB


upper Whitewater River - Bedrock Betty - looking down the cascade - 71 seconds

Windows Media - 4 MB


upper Whitewater River - Bedrock Betty - at the bottom of the cascades - 71 seconds

Windows Media - 4.6 MB


upper Whitewater River - Bedrock Betty - from the right side at the base - 52 seconds

Windows Media - 3.33 MB


upper Whitewater River - 55MPH Falls - 53 seconds

Windows Media - 3.32 MB


waterfall on Wright Creek - on Lake Jocassee  ~ 79 seconds

Windows Media - 5 MB


The next ones are some of the ones downloaded the most in the past.

Ozone Falls, Tenn - Adam and Sean rappelling next to the falls. Dana shot this video while I was taking pictures ~ 48 seconds

Windows Media - 4.01MB


Elk Falls - lady doing cannonball and flip near base of the falls ~ 16 seconds

Windows Media - 1.39MB


Rattlesnake! - I almost stepped on this fat timber rattler. It was curled up and blended in almost perfectly with the leaves - one of the dangers of bushwhacking. Light was low because it was raining, so I had to shoot in nightshot mode. ~ 44 seconds

Windows Media - 3.68MB


Turtleback Falls~ 25 seconds - guy doing flip off falls - very dangerous

Windows Media version - 2.13MB


Bubble Fun on the Party Barge - big bubbles with the Bubble Thing ~ 40 seconds

Windows Media version - 3.33 MB


Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley ~ 53 seconds

Windows Media version - 4.49 MB


Anne jumping off Rainbow Falls ~ 50 seconds - this one is for Crista and Carmen :-)

Windows Media version - 4.19 MB


Laurel Fork Falls - S. Carolina - kids jumping off rock near falls ~ 27 seconds

Windows Media - 2.32MB


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