Windy Falls is not a place to go if you are looking for a good falls to photograph. The falls is actually a series of falls and cascades where the river drops 720' in a 1/4 mile around a slight bend. The only way to see the entire falls is by helicopter or from a nearby ridge in the winter. There is a trail to the top of the falls, but it is strenuous and there is no good vantage point for a photo of the falls. If you have the Thomas guide, you'll see the trail I'm referring to. Do not attempt to climb down from this point! The next photo shows why - there are steep rock walls all the way around. People have died here looking for ways to get to the bottom. The 2nd shot is looking back up river from the same vantage point as the 1st. That boulder is the size of a small house!

We tried on 2 different occasions to find a way to see all of the falls on foot. The 1st time was before Gorges State Park was formed and we were able to take a 4WD vehicle down Augerhole Rd to the Horsepasture River and head up river from there. We saw some nice cascades on the way up river, but only made it as far as to where the arrow points to on the next map. The red line in the lower right is Augerhole Rd.

Below are a few shots from this area. The first is a nice 40-50' slide.

The next 4 are the area the arrow points to in the above map. The top section is about a 75' slide into a pool. It was give the name Rooster Tail Falls by Mountain Wizard. At this point, the river splits and a small island exists. Roostertail Falls is on the left and a smaller falls is on the right (last photo).

On our latest attempt to see more of Windy Falls, we tried bushwhacking from the trail to the top of the falls. We followed a ridge down towards the river, but when we tried heading towards the falls, we kept coming across a rock wall which prevented us from descending to the river. Following the ridge down eventually led to the same point on the river we had got to on our other attempt - the area around Rooster Tail Falls. We saw no safe way to continue up river, so we gave up and headed back up the ridge. Maybe one day we'll give it another try from the bottom. A few folks have emailed me and said they made it farther up than we did, so it is possible. In the mean time, Bernie led us to a ridge area you can see in the distance in the 1st photo on this page. Here's a video of Windy Falls from that vantage point -


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