Wolf Creek Falls - Tennessee
Wolf Creek Falls

7-2-10  The first I heard of Wolf Creek Falls was from the guys that helped me when I wrecked my car near Max Patch Mountain in the winter of 2009. They didn't give me specific directions - just that it was nearby on the Tennessee side of the mountain. I didn't really give it much thought after that until recently. Gregory Plumb's book didn't have it listed, but I found it on Tom Dunigan's excellent site - Tennessee Landforms. The hike to the falls is easy, but the drive in is anything but. If you have a passenger vehicle, the ride will be very rough - many miles on narrow gravel forest roads. The reward is this beautiful 20-30' waterfall is tucked down inside a scenic little hole

Directions: There are several ways to get to this area both from North Carolina and Tennessee. The way I describe will be from I-40 in North Carolina to Max Patch, then to Wolf Creek Falls. Take I-40 west from Asheville and get off at Exit 7 - the Harmon Den exit. Turn right off the exit ramp. The road immediately turns to gravel and is called Cold Springs Creek Rd (FR148). Harmon Den is part of the Pisgah National Forest and is a popular horse camp and riding area. You may encounter riders, so please drive slowly up this road. From the exit, drive 3.7 miles to a right turn. Turning right at this road will take you to the horse camp and the parking for the waterfall on Little Fall Branch. Continue up on Cold Springs Rd for another 2.6 miles to an intersection. Turn left at the sign for Max Patch and drive another 1.8 miles to the Max Patch parking area on the right. Continue past that for almost 5 more miles towards Rattlesnake Gap. You'll pass the fishing pond on the right, then the Lemon Gap parking for the AT farther down. This road is still gravel and is really narrow in places. Be prepared to meet idiots flying from the other direction. Turn right at the sign for Rattlesnake Gap and continue up this narrower gravel road for 1.8 miles to a 'T' intersection. Continue to the right and down that gravel forest road for about 3 miles to a creek crossing. Just before the creek crossing is a dirt road to the left. Park here and walk less than 1/4 mile to the top of the falls. A short trail leads to the base.

Cindy and I found this waterfall without too much trouble. All I had from Dunigan's site were GPS coordinates, but I had also printed a map from my TOPO! software. On the other side of Rattlesnake Gap is the primitive Round Mountain campground. It's a national forest campground and is supposed to be very scenic, so you might do a search for more info if you want to camp in the area.

Wolf Creek Falls 


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