view from World's Edge

1-25-09 - The 1,500+ acre World's Edge tract will be an important part of the new Chimney Rock State Park. One side of the property contains a mile long stretch of steep slopes with views into the Piedmont and into South Carolina. The view in the picture above is one such view. The land contains 20,000 feet of streams with waterfalls on Pool and Wolf Creeks and is an ecological treasure trove. Public access to the property is not allowed at this time, but will be in the future. I was invited by a member of the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy to tour part of the area on one of his scheduled monitoring trips. The land has a series of roads and trails already in place, but I have no idea which ones will be utilized. We began in a higher elevation and followed an old closed dirt road down the mountain, then back up a trail along Pool Creek. I hope to be invited back again this year for a hike on Wolf Creek. Here's a small sampling of what I saw on my visit in May 2008.

a view from inside the property with Cane Creek Mountain on the right and Rumbling Bald Mountain in the middle left


lower waterfall on Pool Creek - this creek and waterfall would be more impressive with more water - maybe we'll be out of the drought by the time this opens to the public


looking towards the top of the lower waterfall on Pool Creek - that person isn't as close to the edge as he appears to be


looking up at the upper waterfall on Pool Creek - water flow follows the left side of the bedrock and is just a thin layer of water


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