Update 10-4-05 - I've had some emails from folks telling me that there are a couple of fallen trees in the waterfall, so keep that in mind if you are going for photo purposes only.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls that I have been to so far. I've been here several times now and will never get tired of going back. Harry and I were looking for some new waterfalls to see, so we pulled out Mark Morrison's book and looked in the South Carolina section. We were coming from a different direction than stated in the book - we took NC281 from Hwy 64 in Sapphire south about 10 miles to the SC state line. Not too far on the right is a road marked to head towards SC Hwy107. After a couple of miles or so, it dead ends into Hwy 107. We headed south (left) on 107 for a few miles to SC 28 and took a left. A little less than 3 miles on the right is the Yellow Branch picnic area. A very short ways down on the left are a few parking places right at the unmarked trail head, but if there is no parking here, you can continue in, park, and walk back.

The first thing you have to do is jump the short expanse of Yellow Branch, then follow the trail down stream. Cross the stream twice, then take the 1st trail to the right. It used to be marked, but someone has pulled the stake. This leads down some landscaped timbered dirt 'steps'. Cross the creek one more time on a wooden bridge, and follow the trail to a left split that crosses the stream again. There was a stake there on my last trip indicating the direction to the falls. The trail then winds through the woods to the base of the falls. Total hike time is about 30 minutes and the trail is no more than moderate in difficulty. On one trip we saw a group of senior citizens that had made the hike. If the water is up, you'll probably have to get your feet wet, but nothing over ankle deep. The above shot is what you'll see 1st, then head towards the falls and to the left for this next view. Bring a wide angle lens if you want to get the whole thing in the frame!


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