waterfall on Whiteoak Creek

2-25-06 - Kim and Ken Rudominer turned me on to this nice little waterfall - thanks guys! If you are visiting Roaring Fork and Setrock Creek Falls and have the time, add this to your itinerary. It's an easy drive and hike. From the intersection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Hwy 80, drive north on Hwy 80. At 2.2 miles is the left hand turn to Roaring Fork and Setrock Creek Falls (South Toe River Rd). Continue past there on Hwy 80, drive just over 5 miles and turn left on White Oak Rd (SR1156). Drive another 1/2 mile or so and turn left on White Oak Creek Rd (SR1157). This road dead ends after another 1.5 miles. Park here - the waterfall is right there and was visible through the trees when I visited in February. Walk up the old logging road and look for some side paths down to the base.

The maps spell this creek Whiteoak Creek and from what I can tell, the waterfall lies just inside the Pisgah National Forest Boundary. I'm very surprised this little jewel isn't listed in any of the books that I've seen. The top section is 10-15' high and there's a nice little pool at the base. Below where I was standing to take the above photo is another cascade, then a smaller one below that. Above this are more cascades and a couple of small falls. You may notice a faint trail heading up the creek, or you can take that old road up a bit and head over to the creek via some side trails. The topo map shows the road continuing up for quite a ways, but I didn't make it up too far on this trip. Below is one of the small falls above the main waterfall.


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